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Let’s Get The Gang Back Together!

The summer heat is officially gone, and gorgeous temps are starting to emerge. It’s the absolute perfect time of year to get everyone together. And you know what would make those gatherings even better? A custom smart structure from Smart Shade Structures.   Picture this… A nice little breeze in the air. The sun is […]

The Innovative Technology Behind Retractable Structures

The Innovative Technology Behind Retractable Structures Retractable louvered pergolas are versatile structures made for your home outdoor areas, with the ability to be tailored to your pool decks, patios, and more. With that being said, they can either be stand-alone structures that accompany your amenities or a covering that features lounging areas or walkways. If […]

Why Transforming the Outdoor Dining Space at Your Restaurant Is a Worthwhile Investment

If you are a Florida restaurateur or the owner of a business in the hospitality sector, you may want to consider upgrading any available outdoor dining space. Restaurants can take advantage of Florida’s warm and inviting climate by making use of the building’s patio, garden, or expansive outdoor area. This could include incorporating more seating, […]

What You’ll Need to Host Guests at Your Home This Spring

With the spring season on the horizon, Florida homeowners are dreaming up their ideal scenarios to host guests outside. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and a whimsical energy fills South Florida’s air. All the natural elements are in place to throw the perfect backyard gathering; however, guests may need more than just […]

How Smart Shade Structures Allows You to Entertain With Ease

Are you interested in hosting an outdoor gathering, but your home is just not equipped to do so? Smart Shade Structures powered by Atlantic Awnings can provide you with the perfect outdoor addition that will elevate your space, offer protection to your property, and make entertaining guests an absolute breeze. With our help, you’ll be […]

New Year, New Aesthetic: How Your Outdoor Space Can Be Transformed Into an Oasis

Hello, 2021; the new year is here. Now more than ever, individuals are spending more time at home and curating inventive ways to make use of their residential space. From interior renovations to elevated outdoor living areas, residential property owners are investing in transforming the properties they already own. South Floridians specifically have the unique […]

The Benefits of Expanding Your Business’ Usable Space

As a South Florida business owner, you know the outdoor portion of any property can be a major asset to attract potential customers. Visitors and clientele flock to Florida for its warm climate and tropical atmosphere. If your business has the opportunity to be included in the Sunshine State’s idealistic landscape, why not join in? […]

How Can Smart Shade Structures Elevate Your Outdoor Space?

Luxury. Convenience. Versatility. These are the first words that come to mind when a guest experience’s your new outdoor space. The quiet wind is blowing softly while guests kick back under the cool shade provided by your property’s state-of-the-art alfresco structure. Can you picture it? When it comes to your outdoor space, you deserve an […]

Which High-Quality Shade Structure Is Right for Your Florida Property?

Planning on converting your South Florida residential or commercial outdoor space to include an elegant shade addition? Smart Shade Structures powered by Atlantic Awnings can help you decide which high-quality accessory will be a perfect match for your property. Understand the Basics Start with a clear understanding of your needs as a residential or commercial […]