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New Year, New Aesthetic: How Your Outdoor Space Can Be Transformed Into an Oasis

Hello, 2021; the new year is here. Now more than ever, individuals are spending more time at home and curating inventive ways to make use of their residential space. From interior renovations to elevated outdoor living areas, residential property owners are investing in transforming the properties they already own. South Floridians specifically have the unique benefit of a year-round tropical climate. That being said, South Florida property owners are more likely to revitalize their backyard, patio, or deck area in order to create the alfresco getaway of their dreams.

How exactly can a residential property owner transform an outdoor space to be a true oasis?

Add lush greenery

Vegetation is a valuable asset to any outdoor area, especially one that wants to be a livable, inviting, and comfortable space. Adding lush greenery to a backyard can improve overall visual appeal and even play a functional role. For example, homeowners can add a full garden to the space, integrating it with any existing structures or outdoor additions. The garden can bear fresh fruits and vegetables, showcase flourishing flowers, or just host tropical plants to enhance the space. Besides, nothing says “relaxing oasis” like dewy palm leaves and budding ferns.

Integrate outdoor lighting

One way to elevate an outdoor space is to add ambient outdoor lighting. If a homeowner is going to invest in an elevated backyard, patio, or deck area, he or she will want to use it throughout the entire day – even at night. Landscape lighting can illuminate potentially dark or dangerous spots located all around an outdoor space. Since these areas are not typically used due to poor lighting, they are considered wasted space. Proper supplementary lighting, like string lights, spotlights, flood lights, step lights, garden lights, or bollard lights, can help make use of potentially untouched space. Plus, certain outdoor lighting can highlight an outdoor space’s best features and help tell a romantic story.

Invest in an outdoor shade structure

High-end aesthetics and a completely transformed atmosphere come together when homeowners install a shade structure in an outdoor space. Although there are many categories of outdoor shade structures, they can still serve an elevated, yet functional purpose to South Florida properties. Upscale shade additions may include retractable pergolas and louvers, architectural aluminum canopies, and terrace canopies. Any of these structures are sure to make a South Florida home’s outdoor space into the resort-style sanctuary owners deserve.

Smart Shade Structures powered by Atlantic Awnings specializes in the manufacturing and installation of top-of-the-line outdoor shade structures. The company offers an array of luxurious, convenient, and durable additions to your outdoor space. Each product showcases the elegance of contemporary aesthetics with the functionality of modern technology. Most collections include structures that are hurricane friendly, are built for drainage, and feature automated openings powered by cutting-edge motors.

Your outdoor oasis awaits. Interested in scheduling a visit to the company’s abundant showroom? Contact Smart Shade Structures powered by Atlantic Awnings to set up your appointment with its knowledgeable South Florida team.