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The Innovative Technology Behind Retractable Structures

The Innovative Technology Behind Retractable Structures

Retractable louvered pergolas are versatile structures made for your home outdoor areas, with the ability to be tailored to your pool decks, patios, and more. With that being said, they can either be stand-alone structures that accompany your amenities or a covering that features lounging areas or walkways. If designed well, pergolas can provide protection from the sun and rain, while simultaneously enhancing and defining the style of the outdoor space.

From traditional and classic to luxurious and modern, retractable pergolas are tailor-made with industry-leading designs and engineering. A retractable pergola will make your area stylish and practical all in one.


Our retractable shade structures are made of recycled aluminum and stainless steel, as well as a top-of-the-line linear drive systems that make operating the shades smooth and efficient. Our retractable pergolas have a gutter system that’s integrated using gutter corner pieces. When louvers are closed, they form rain channels and with a slight pitch the water is directed towards the built-in gutters. This innovative system is made to withstand strong wind, pouring rain, and heavy snow. The great thing about retractable pergolas are they are protected using a chemically enhanced powder that makes the surface scratch resistant. So, they are not only protecting your outdoor areas from natural occurrences, they are also designed to protect themselves from wear and tear. Thus, the durability of retractable pergolas allows you enjoy your outdoor areas without worrying about varying weather conditions.

Retractable pergolas are not only versatile structures, but they are also extremely easy to use. The innovative structures use a state-of-the-art linear drive system that give the louvers a wide range of motion. Homeowners can smoothly operate between 0-to-170-degree angles, giving them complete control over each space’s environment. You can choose between basking in the sun or chilling in the shade in a few easy clicks!


As an industry leader in providing outdoor living spaces, Smart Shade Structures takes design and aesthetic into careful consideration when planning a pergola for your home. All retractable pergolas are fully customizable from the look and feel, from shape, to material to color, all aspects are tailored to fit your personal style. This results in a structure that’s not only incredibly durable but highly personalized and stylish as well.

Our retractable pergolas can be seamlessly integrated into any style of architecture and virtually any purpose. Looking to spruce up your modern veranda? How about providing some needed shade on your front porch? Smart Shade Structures can customize every aspect of the design including ceiling fans, specialty lighting, curtains, wood wraps, and even heating and cooling.

Whether you’re planning for some shade in a relaxing patio or protection for a walkway, our retractable pergolas provide an elegant way to provide protection from the elements. These luxurious structures help elevate the look and feel of your outdoor living spaces.

From gardens to gazebos, retractable shades provide perfectly stylish and durable protection from any weather condition. Engineered to last, Smart Shade Structures can provide you with retractable pergolas that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

Browse through our photo gallery to see just some of our amazing work. Learn more about our retractable pergolas when you book an appointment with our team of experienced professionals today.