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Aluminum & Louvers Care and Maintenance Guide

One of the features of the Suntech Louver Systems is the simple care and maintenance to keep the unit looking as beautiful as when it was originally installed.  Rainfall naturally aids in keeping the unit clean.  When the unit needs additional care, we recommend the following:

  • Light Dirt: Occasional washing of clear water using a garden hose is recommended during the dry seasons.
  • Moderate Dirt: Use of a soft brush (like those used for car washing) together with water from the garden hose may be used to remove stuck on dirt.
  • Heavy Dirt: The following solution may be used while following the instructions above:  One (1) gallon water; 1/3 cup detergent (such as Tide); 2/3 cup trisodium phosphate (such as Soilax). Clean louver system with solution, but do not let it dry.  Rinse thoroughly with fresh water to remove all soap residues.
  • Mildew: Appearance of mildew on any building surface looks like black spots.  It may be removed using the following solution: three (3) quarts water, 1/3 cup detergent (such as Tide), 2/3 cup trisodium phosphate (such as Soilax), one (1) quart sodium hypo chloride 5% solution (such as Clorox).  Clean louver system with solution, but do not let it dry.  Rinse thoroughly with fresh water to remove all soap residues.
  • Pressure Washing: Pressure washing is not recommended as the risk of using an aggressive PSI (2000 PSI or above) may damage the powder coating from the aluminum.
  • Internal Gutter System: Suntech Louver Systems have an internal gutter system to drain the water from the louvers.  These gutters should be kept free of leaves and debris, particularly when in proximity to trees as they may clog the system’s downspouts.

Fabric Care and Maintenance Guide

  • Keep dirt, leaves, and other debris from accumulating on the awning surface.  Keep shrubbery and vines away from the retractable system.
  • Hose down with fresh water, every month or so.  The underside may be kept clean by simply brushing with a clean household broom.
  • A cleaning solution of water and mild soap such as Ivory Snow, Dreft or Woolite may be used (no detergents).  Allow cleaning solution to soak into the fabric for a few minutes, but do not let it dry.  Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap residues, then allow the fabric to air dry.  Never apply heat to fabric.
  • Accumulation of water on the pergola (also known as “ponding”) is a sign that the fabric needs to be tightened.  Remove water with the soft end of a broom and call for service.
  • Any rips or tears are recommended to be expertly repaired.  Please call for service and estimate.

Progressive Screens Care & Maintenance Guide

Progressive Screens MagnaTrack Screen system is designed to protect and enhance your outdoor dining area or living area and create a usable space year-round. The screen system can be used for privacy, bug protection, solar, blowing winds (up to 75 MPH in the full deployed position (**FOR LIMITED TIME/Limitations apply), and to control the climate and wind flow.

However ANY AND ALL systems should be rolled up at 40MPH winds to protect your investment! If the screens or vinyl systems are left down in sustained winds for extended periods of time, the fabric material can rip or tear and is NOT covered under warranty

Windy conditions:

  • If you are trying to lower the screens in heavy winds the screen might hang up due to excessive strain on the interlock and sidetracks. If this occurs, you might have to assist the screen down by pulling on the weight bar or pushing against the screen material during deployment.
  • Another option while lowering the screen in heavy winds is to press the DOWN / STOP / DOWN / STOP (repeated as necessary) button as fast as you can until the screen is lowered to its preset bottom limit.
  • Once the screen is in the down position it will withstand winds up to 75MPH (For short durations or gusts) It is recommended to Roll the screen UP in consistent winds over 40MPH.
  • ***Please note if the screen system is deployed and left down in heavy winds where flying debris or extreme wind pressure could potentially damage or tear the screen material would NOT be covered under warranty. We recommend raising the screens when winds exceed 35-40 MPH to protect your shades, but If they cannot be raised immediately the screens can handle wind up to 75mph for short time frames but if damage, including fabric failure from flying debris or high winds, it would not be covered under warranty.


  • Systems with screen material only: Clean screen as needed using a soft cloth, soap and water. Pressure cleaning is approved but NEVER spray water directly up into the hood. This could cause damage to the motor.
  • Systems with Clear/tinted Vinyl Windows: To clean the screens use the same methods as above. If the unit has Vinyl window inserts, they must be cleaned with a MARINE GRADE CLEAR VINYL CLEANER. These can be purchased at any marine supply store, online or from Progressive Screens.
    In addition to the Marine Vinyl cleaner use a MICROFIBER towel to clean, remove haze, and polish.
  • ****NEVER USE ANY GLASS CLEANERS OR AMONIA PRODUCTS!!! This will turn the vinyl hazy and create a milky film.


  1. Keep in the retracted position when you are not on the premises, and during high winds, or rainstorms.
  2. For extended storage periods make sure your awning is dry and clean before retracting. Remove the valance (if applicable) and store separately.
  3. Wash awning installations near salt water twice monthly with fresh water and spray all moving parts with silicone. Proper care should be taken to prevent over spraying of silicone fabric.
  4. If motorized, see separate manufacturer’s warranty on your selected motor. Please call for service if your awning gets out of adjustment. Do not attempt to reset the motor limit switches as damage may be caused to the motor and the framework. Motorized or manual, do not force or yank awning when raising or lowering it.


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