Call Us Today For A Design Consultation!

Call Us Today For A Design Consultation!

Let’s Get The Gang Back Together!

The summer heat is officially gone, and gorgeous temps are starting to emerge. It’s the absolute perfect time of year to get everyone together. And you know what would make those gatherings even better? A custom smart structure from Smart Shade Structures.

Picture this…

A nice little breeze in the air. The sun is starting to set. Music is setting the tone in the background. You step outside where the table is set with beautiful flowers and the glow of candles lights the space around you. Above you, arched above your carefully curated tablescape is a beautiful custom-made retractable pergola.  It’s like your own personal outdoor oasis and your guests will be dazzled. The retractable pergola gives you shade on demand and also protects you and your guests from any weather. Basically, nothing can stop you from enjoying the comfort of your patio or backyard area with a Smart Shade Structure.

Our team of experts will work with you from beginning to end to create your own custom retractable pergola. You will be able to infuse your own style throughout the entire process – picking the color, fabric, and every other element of your new pergola. Once your new structure is installed you will have a reprieve from the sun and rain with just the touch of a button.

For many of us, it’s been a while since we have been able to gather with family and friends. What a fantastic time to open up your backyard again with the added beauty of a retractable pergola. Let us help transform your outdoor space into a comfortable, cozy living area. Another extension of your home for people to sit, relax and share some great conversation and laughs.

In addition to retractable pergolas, we have other structures such as progressive shades and curtains, retractable awnings, terraces and patios. Whatever your outdoor space looks like, Smart Shade has solutions to maximize it so you can enjoy it year-round.

So, get your guest list ready and let’s get the gang back together in your outdoor sanctuary.