Our New Addition – Progressive Screens

Smart Shade Structures is proud to be an exclusive dealer of Progressive Screens. We are delighted to offer motorized screening solutions for garages, patios, windows, cabanas and more. The patented MagnaTrak system outperforms any other zipper style motorized screen. Entirely custom made to your liking, stylish and modern accessories are available to accommodate and bring together your custom install. The MagnaTrak system is customizable to fit your lifestyle, maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home all while giving you many different forms of outdoor protection.


To learn more about the brand visit their website at: http://www.progressivescreens.com/about-us



  • Privacy and shade on demand
  • Insect prevention meshes
  • Hand held remote controlled
  • Creates a climate controlled space
  • Easy to care and maintain for years to come

Choose Progressive Screens For Your Shade Needs!

Since 2002, Progressive Screens has been a leading retailer in the United States for high-quality shading fixtures for your home or business. Our knowledgeable team of contractors is dedicated to providing you state-of-the-art equipment and unrivaled customer service.

Our name tells it all! We’re famous for being a progressive screen dealer so customers know they’re getting the most modern and sturdy products. One popular product is the MagnaTrack system, a powerful invention that is sure to enhance your home or business.

Benefits of magnatrack

The exquisite MagnaTrack system uses powerful magnets known as neodymium. The magnets in the track use opposite poles to come together and detract to open and close your screen.


    • Convenience
      MagnaTracks are said to reduce up to 98% of common issues with motorized screens.


    • High in performance
      We guarantee MagnaTrack system will outperform any others!


    • Protects against tension
      Many screens need repairs due to tension problems but this handy system is designed for a smooth transition with the free-floating devices inside.


    • Can be used to enhance an outdoor setting
      Outdoor screens are necessary for a resort business or simply to get to your home pool. Special for patios and restaurants, the MagnaTrack lets your guests feel at ease so they’ll return to your business.

Consult Progressive Screens Today!

There’s a reason why our company receives top marks from customers in the area. Progressive Screens is here to help with any questions about the MagnaTrack system or any of our products we have available. Call or contact us to schedule a consultation today!


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