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Why Transforming the Outdoor Dining Space at Your Restaurant Is a Worthwhile Investment

If you are a Florida restaurateur or the owner of a business in the hospitality sector, you may want to consider upgrading any available outdoor dining space. Restaurants can take advantage of Florida’s warm and inviting climate by making use of the building’s patio, garden, or expansive outdoor area. This could include incorporating more seating, lounge furniture, or walking space to accommodate more guests. Why would transforming your restaurant’s outdoor dining space be a worthwhile investment? Well, just imagine the value added to your culinary establishment. Let us, Smart Shade Structures, explain.


Picture it. A guest walks into your vibrant, welcoming restaurant located in tropical South Florida. The sun is shining. There’s a cool breeze filling the air. It is the perfect day to enjoy delicious eats outdoors, and your restaurant is built to equip that need. With an updated and well-prepared outdoor dining space, a restaurant can brand themselves as the dynamic oasis South Florida visitors and natives absolutely need to try. Offering an appetizing menu is not the only attractive quality guests desire; they want to feel immersed in a complete culinary experience with an equally alluring ambience. This outdoor dining space can be added to the front or back of a restaurant depending on the property’s availability and hosting capabilities.


Aside from a captivating al-fresco atmosphere, outdoor dining can provide more opportunities for increased revenue and maximized earning potential. By extending your restaurant’s useful space, you have the opportunity to increase sales per square foot. The more guests your restaurant can accommodate, the more revenue your restaurant will generate. In this case, more is definitely merrier. Guests will also spend more money at your establishment if they remain comfortable and engaged. Consider planting lush greenery, integrating ambient lighting, adding live entertainment, or installing a stylish shade structure to add to the captivating mood. Guests will inevitably want to order more food and drinks as the day or evening progresses.


Your restaurant’s enhanced aesthetics and ongoing foot traffic due to outdoor dining will contribute to positive buzz and increased brand awareness. After visiting your restaurant and its blossoming outdoor area, guests will share photos and recount experiences to their loyal followers and communities. The upgraded restaurant will market itself over time… and as we all know, no form of marking is stronger than word of mouth. Transforming your outdoor space will be an investment that pays you back tenfold – in revenue and in overall brand recognition.


One way to surely elevate an outdoor dining space after it has been built out is to add a top-of-the-line outdoor shade structure. Smart Shade Structures works with restaurants all throughout Florida, including those in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County, to maximize their client’s earning potentials and attract new business through outdoor dining. The company offers a wide selection of structures that combines elegant, contemporary visuals with functional, modern technology. Each collection even includes products designed to withstand Florida’s natural elements: rain, wind, and sunlight.


We’ll show you why an outdoor expansion is worth your while. If you are interested in visiting our Miami-based showroom, please contact our expert team.