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The Benefits of Expanding Your Business’ Usable Space

As a South Florida business owner, you know the outdoor portion of any property can be a major asset to attract potential customers. Visitors and clientele flock to Florida for its warm climate and tropical atmosphere. If your business has the opportunity to be included in the Sunshine State’s idealistic landscape, why not join in? There are quite a few benefits to expanding your business’s usable space, especially if that space can add value to your company as a whole. 

Maximize space to increase revenue

Commercial space is often limited by square footage; but what if you could maximize your physical space to increase total revenue? By extending your business’s useful space, you have the opportunity to increase sales per square foot. This concept is particularly worthwhile for businesses within the hospitality sector: restaurants, bars, lounges, and hotels.

South Florida restaurants, bars, lounges, and hotels can maximize sales per square foot by converting any outdoor areas to allow for consumption. For example, a restaurant can increase seating by accommodating patrons in a front patio, back garden, or courtyard. Increased seating will inherently increase overall capacity, customer turnover, and revenue.

Leverage Florida’s tropical climate

South Florida is known for its year-round tropical climate. Since the area’s temperatures do not vary much throughout the year, residents and visitors can trust outdoor pleasures can be enjoyed without pause. Additionally, most major cities on the east coast of the U.S. experience traditional winters, springs, summers, and falls. Travelers looking to escape seasonal norms are likely to indulge in South Florida’s dynamic environment. Who wouldn’t love vacationing or living in a tropical oasis? That being said, businesses that are not already making use of their outdoor spaces can take note. With an inviting and comfortable outdoor area, businesses can attract potential customers willing to spend a full day or evening enjoying Florida’s sultry ambiance.

Add flair to your business

Looking to add a unique consumer experience to your commercial space? Maybe your business needs flair – outdoor flair that is. A converted outdoor space does not have to just be a place for customers to dine, hang out, or wait for service. It can be a crucial component to your business that ultimately elevates the consumer experience. Achieve this by planting lush greenery, integrating ambient lighting, adding live entertainment, or installing a stylish shade structure.

Smart Shade Structures specializes in the manufacturing and installation of top-of-the-line outdoor shade structures. The company works with commercial properties all throughout South Florida to maximize useful real estate, leverage tropical weather, and add flair to any business. Smart Shade Structures offers a wide selection of structures that combines elegant, contemporary visuals with functional, modern technology. Best of all, each collection includes products designed to withstand Florida’s natural elements: rain, wind, and sunlight. That way, patrons of a commercial business can safely and comfortably enjoy all an outdoor space has to offer.

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