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What You’ll Need to Host Guests at Your Home This Spring

With the spring season on the horizon, Florida homeowners are dreaming up their ideal scenarios to host guests outside. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and a whimsical energy fills South Florida’s air. All the natural elements are in place to throw the perfect backyard gathering; however, guests may need more than just a fresh breeze to help them unwind under your roof. Consider these factors when planning your upcoming spring celebrations:

Comfortable Environment

 First and foremost, a homeowner will want his or her guests to feel right at home as soon as they arrive. Total comfort and relaxation can be achieved when the outdoor area is prepped with appropriate furniture and ample shade. Yes, springtime brings along pleasurable weather; but cozy seating and wide coverings will only improve any guest’s comfort level if the temperature is on the warmer side. Adding cushions to seats, providing tables to place food or beverages, or opening up a shaded structure are simple ways to break in the environment. Plus, the expanded livable space will give guests a chance to kick back, relax, and start the party.


Nothing says “good times” like a gathering that has spirited entertainment. When it comes to outdoor gatherings, entertainment can mean many different things. The backyard can feature an outdoor screening area where guests can watch shows, movies, or sports events. Refreshing amenities, like a swimming pool or hot tub, can be restorative and playful options to keep guests happy. The crowd can enjoy upbeat tunes for energy or smooth beats to wind down. No matter the kind of backyard bash, offering a component of entertainment will be sure to set the mood for a fun and memorable event.


Innovative tech solutions have the power to make an endearing outdoor gathering the soirée of the season. More specifically, tech-driven equipment is beyond trendy; it’s a helpful tool that makes a host’s life easier and a guest’s experience enjoyable. Integrating smart features, like an automated lighting system, automated sprinkler system, retractable pergola system, or retractable awning system, will surely elevate an outdoor space.

Smart Shade Structures powered by Atlantic Awnings is South Florida’s premier hub for shade on demand. The company offers retractable pergolas and retractable awnings that use motorized systems, so homeowners can easily adjust available shade during any springtime outdoor gathering. These sleek and thoughtfully engineered systems are built with automated openings powered by cutting-edge motors. Each automated pergola opening features louvres and each automated awning opening features mesh fabric secured to a frame. Best of all, these smart tech solutions operate with just the touch of a button.

Enjoy springtime with ease. Any South Florida home will be ready to welcome guests this spring season when Smart Shade Structures is involved. To learn more about the shade structure collections available to you, contact Smart Shade Structures powered by Atlantic Awnings.