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Call Us Today For A Design Consultation!

Which High-Quality Shade Structure Is Right for Your Florida Property?

Planning on converting your South Florida residential or commercial outdoor space to include an elegant shade addition? Smart Shade Structures powered by Atlantic Awnings can help you decide which high-quality accessory will be a perfect match for your property.

Understand the Basics

Start with a clear understanding of your needs as a residential or commercial property owner. What factors can impact your choice of outdoor structure?

Purpose – Before deciding on an outdoor structure to adorn your residential or commercial property, think about the purpose this addition would be serving. Do you want the structure to provide cool, comfortable shade? Do you want to make use of previously wasted space? Do you want to elevate your property’s overall aesthetic? Challenge your needs in order to determine the true purpose of your newest outdoor addition.

Location – Ask yourself, “Where will my new shade structure be installed?” Outdoor additions can be installed onto a multitude of surfaces (like windows, doors, or roofs), or they can be freestanding structures mounted to the ground. Additionally, the location of your property can determine the materials and size of your future shade structure. The location’s susceptibility to sun exposure, nearby foliage, and available space all affect the final outcome of your outdoor conversion.

Design – If your aesthetic plays a large role when selecting an outdoor structure, consider the different designs available to you. Seeing full-scale examples in person, exploring material samples, and speaking to experts can help bring clarity to your design decision.

Discover a Wide Selection of Structures

An experienced shade structure installer will offer an array of unique additions to choose from. Here are a few elegant yet functional options Floridians typically favor:

Retractable PergolasFully customizable retractable pergolas enable you to expand your outdoor area for year-round use. These strong structures feature automated louver openings powered by cutting-edge motors. The retractable pergola’s contemporary design can include a tailored frame, lights, side cover add-ons, and fabrication. Most importantly, retractable pergolas are built strong to protect you from excess sun exposure, high winds, and heavy rain.

Retractable Awnings – As a lightweight design option, retractable awnings are made of mesh fabric blend that is durable and wind-resistant. Reinforced beams consist of jointed and stiff mechanisms to allow retractability and adjustment of the awning. These structures can be used with a mechanical crank, through a wind sensor, or with a handheld remote control.

Architectural Aluminum Canopies – This classic metal addition can be crafted in flat, standard, or lowered styles to suit your needs. Metal awnings may be made with interlocking panels or flat slates of high-quality metals. You can find metal awnings attached to commercial businesses and atop the entrances of homes as stylish and functional accessories.

Terrace Canopies – Terrace canopies feature a durable fabric and sturdy hardware that are designed to last for years. These structures come in an assortment colors and a variety of designs to complement your residential or commercial property. 

Carports – A carport is an easy-to-install structure that can protect drivers residing at your home or business. With aluminum and steel-gauge materials, carports are guaranteed to remain durable to withstand Florida’s unpredictable weather. These structures are versatile, as they can cover cars, boats, and motor homes.

Smart Shade Structures powered by Atlantic Awnings specializes in the manufacturing and installation of top-of-the-line outdoor structures. The company’s wide selection of structures focuses on the elegance of contemporary visuals with the functionality of modern technology. Smart Shade Structures is committed to elevating residential properties along with commercial properties all throughout South Florida.

Trust Smart Shade Structures to help convert your property’s patio, terrace, deck, yard, or commercial space. Schedule a visit to the company’s impressive showroom by contacting Smart Shade Structures powered by Atlantic Awnings.