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Red Rooster

In addition to some of the best Southern food in Miami, Red Rooster also has a beautiful outdoor dining area. Attached to their main dining room and bar the colorful space has a retractable pergola to suit the coverage they need. What made this project tricky for our designers was the beautiful tree in the center of the dining room. For this portion of the dining area, we designed and manufactured a fixed canopy system to surround the tree. The other half is entirely our retractable fabric pergola system. As you’ll see in the pictures and video, this style is sloped down on both sides, and each side of the system can be operated independently. We love this system in particular because our design team was able to design it to be anchored to the walls of the building and we were able to avoid center columns. Our retractable pergola was able to create a higher ceiling for the restaurant and provide an open-air feel to the dining space while still being protected from the elements. The restaurant also attached its ceiling fans and lights to our system.

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Miami, FL