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Penthouse at the Riverside Wharf

There is nothing worse for an event space than having their client’s event getting rained out or having to cancel because of it. At the penthouse at the Riverside Wharf, you can host a beautiful event with stunning skyline views of Miami. During the day our Retractable Fabric Pergola provides shade to the clients who want it or they can have it opened to not obstruct their views of the skyline. In the case that they expect rain they can have the system retracted to provide shelter. The Smooth Retractable Pergola System was anchored at the rear of the building and the columns were installed over the railing so we did not take away any walking space from the original rooftop deck. The additional rafters in the photos are purely decorative, this is a preference. Our clients at the Penthouse hung string lights from them but you can also add fans.

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