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The one that does it all.

Designed for all weather conditions, the Aerolux bioclimatic pergola system has full-automatic tilting and retractable aluminum louvres, providing excellent protection from the sun and rain while also providing beneficial and natural ventilation.

Designed to be adapted to any kind of outdoor living area, big or small. Innovative, modern and functional – the Aeroluxe is an ideal choice for all your weather protection needs.


Where sophisticated technology meets innovative concepts.

The Axis Systems are a customizable architectural outdoor solution, fully adjustable to your desired angle creating a natural ventilation or shelter from any weather conditions.

The aluminum louvres can be tilted up to 110 degrees with a smooth and silent rotating motor powered by Somfy. The Axis Max system can be extended up to 12 meters out and 13.5 meters wide, making it ideal for large area coverings. An additional unit can be added to increase the coverage area.


Redefine your outdoor living area.

With its fully retractable aluminum louvre system you will have the most desired outdoor living space. Designed to be customized for large areas, the Exxen system provides all-weather protection.

The system allows you to see the open sky clearly for maximum daylight or moonlight and create a natural airflow with its automated pivoting louvres.


Fabric and aluminum come together in this minimal and modern shade solution system.

The Quattro system introduced our innovative lighting system integrated within the fabric layer, creating a clean and modern asymmetrical pattern.

The patented lighting system is also equipped with a hidden RGB LED Stripe and Dimmer Lighting on the sides. Your Quattro system is completely customizable to your needs and has flexible installation methods such as integration to existing structures, wall mounting or free standing for larger areas.