Bidding Adieu to Summer: The Pergola Party Continues!


As the summer sun starts packing its bags, ready to take a vacation, it’s easy to feel a touch of seasonal sadness. Waving goodbye to beach days, barbecues, and sun-kissed afternoons can feel like the end of a beautiful summer story. But who said the party has to end? Not on our watch! Let’s grab a Smart Shade Structure and turn the page to the next chapter: an autumn full of luxury and style.

Summer might be on its way out, but your outdoor living doesn’t have to follow suit. Our Smart Shade Structures, the retractable louvered pergolas, are here to ensure your love affair with the outdoors continues uninterrupted, whatever the weather!

Think of our pergolas as a cozy bridge between summer and fall, effortlessly merging the two seasons. When the summer sun smiles a little too brightly, they offer the perfect shady refuge. As autumn shows up with its unpredictable showers, they transform into your personal dry h

aven. Can your beach umbrella do that? We didn’t think so!

More than that, these classy structures are a brilliant backdrop for all your end-of-summer celebrations. Picture the quintessential sunset party, enhanced by the adjustable louvers of your pergola. You’re sipping a cool sangria, as the sun sets, casting golden hues around. Doesn’t that sound like a summer farewell party for the books?

As you start to pack away your beach towels and sunscreen, remember, you’re not packing away the fun. Your Smart Shade Structure is ready to take you on an autumn journey, right from the comfort of your backyard. And who knows, with the added glamour of a pergola, you might just find yourself saying, “Summer, who?”

So, as we raise a toast to the end of summer, let’s also welcome the cozy, colorful season ahead. With our Smart Shade Structures, it’s never really a goodbye to the outdoors, just a fashionable see-you-later! After all, the sun always shines again, and your pergola is ready for it, every step of the way.